Extra Vacation?

Extra vacation time?

Relax in a mud-volcano. about 100 km away from B/quilla there is one of the few mud volcanos left in the world. The volcano, called Volcan el Lodo del Totumo, provides you with an amazing experience. First you climb up the slippery wooden staircase (more like a ladder actually) to the top of the mountain, where you’ll find a small pool of mud. Although it’s only about 5×5 m large, the volcano is more than 300 m deep. You climb into the mud and then you just relax, look at the clouds and the sun, have a nice massage and enjoy the funny but great feeling of not being able to move properly and laugh at the cold bubbles that reach the surface, coming from 200 meters below you.
Afterwards you climb down and go the lake right next to the volcano, to wash off the mud. There are some women there, who’ll offer to wash you, but you have to tip them afterwards.

Cartagena If you are already in b/quilla you cannot miss the increadible colonial city called Cartagena. it’s been called the most beautiful city in colombia, and there is a lot of truth to that. full of beautiful colonial houses, massive churches, street cafes, craftsmen, providing a nice view on the sea – you shouldn’t miss it. but that is only the old town (the “walled city”). in the other parts you can find clubs, restaurans, bars, nice hotels, a beautiful beach, but also the poor neighbourhood with it’s horribly dirty streets, smelly marketplaces and noisy atmosphare. but there you can find the cheapest accommodation… definately a city worth visiting..

another must do plan in Cartagena is visiting The Rosario Islands are a grouping of 27 islands 45 minutes from Cartagena by boat. These islands are part of a national park, there is hiking, biking, snorkling and SCUBA diving. Boats make day trips, leaving Cartagena in the morning and the islands in the after noon. There are also a half dozen hotels on the Rosario island and an aquarium. The beaches are beautiful but the goods hawkers are pervasive and annoying, so here is our local tip, if they offer you a ”free massage” or a “free seafood sample” must like it wont be free. you will have to pay for it. if you want to spend the night there we suggest you Decameron Hotel in the Baru Island.

Santa Marta possesses one of the most beautiful and spectacular bays of the Americas. It is an ideal spot to have fun, whether it is at the beach, resting and relaxing in middle of a calm seaside landscape, or surrounded by the mountain air charm of nature, both of which you can enjoy in Santa Marta. The beaches and the Sierra Nevada are two of the most important tourist destinations that are close to Barranquilla. Nature, a selection of excellent hotels and wonderful sites for water sports can all be found here.

Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona This marvelous park is located about an hour and a half from Barranquilla and is made up of a series of inlets, reefs and rocky cliffs. This is where you can see a gloriously divine landscape. The Park has wide beaches (the most well known being those in Bahia Concha) are famous for a water park with cabanas and restaurants. There is also Neguanje and Canaveral, beautiful beaches in the middle of lush Caribbean flora in Colombia, where you can also find places to camp.